Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Midori Style Note Book with Pockets

I discovered that Japanese travellers carry with them Midori note book to record their trips.

It inspired me to create my own note book as I am trying to find ways to make use of old exercise books and papers that my children no longer use.

Here is what I used in this project:

1) stained printing paper
2) old CD cover
3) rubber band or thread and needle to sew

Measure the the height and width of one side of the CD cover from the inside.

Mark on the paper the height and width that you would like your note book to be so that it sits neatly inside the CD cover.  For my project I marked height for 11.5cm and decided to fold the paper in half to create the width I required.

I then fold the paper so that I now have 2 pieces of the same height of 11.50cm.  The balance remaining is shorter than that.

Fold the corners of the shorter piece at right angles to touch the folded crease mark, as shown below.

Fold the pointed end by about 2.5cm so that the edges meet neatly in the centre.

Now you are ready to cut the paper, as shown, so that you have a piece 11.5cm in height and the other with the angled flap to create the pocket.

Fold the angled flap, as shown, so that you now have 2 pieces of same height.

Fold both pages in half.

Arrange the pages as you see fit.  You can have the first page plain without the pocket and alternate it with the ones with pocket.

Now you can place your pages in the CD cover and hold it in place with a rubber band.

If you stapled or sew the pages together, you can add another set of note book in the CD cover. However, it will not be a good idea to have too many pages in the cover, if you will be sticking "flash cards" into the pockets like I have decided to.

You can decorate your CD cover by sticking leftover wall paper or wrapping paper.  I decided to make a cover for it with a cardboard.

This is how my notebook looks like with my flash cards after I am done with the cover.

You can check my earlier posting if you would like to know how you can make use of such a note book.

You can find Midori and other stuff I used in this project can be found at Amazon.

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