Friday, June 29, 2007

Contest to promote recycling

When I was a kid, 10 cents could get me a bowl of stomach filling noodles in steaming hot soup. I used to record any amount in coins I was able to save from my recess time pocket money. Nowadays, my children can only buy a few sweets with that amount.

Look around and you can sometimes see one cents coins on the streets. Have you ever bothered to pick them up? So, can we blame the children for not valuing money when, we, as parents also leave coins around the house like they do not have any value? So, now imagine what their attitude will be like towards waste material. It would be discarded without a second thought if we do not show them the value they can derive from it through recycling.

To encourage participants to recycle and do their best at it during my workshop, I will be giving out a prize for new designs or ideas. Will the contest prize I am offering be worth their efforts? Let my pictures do the talking in my next posting.

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