Saturday, June 30, 2007

So you can create. What now?

Toyota has started their Tom-Tom Club. I have read and heard that this recreation is thriving at community centers, in churches and public parks. Even music therapist, Christine Stevens, said that it makes people feel more alive and productive and has started her own "Health Rhythms for Remo Drums" wellness centre.

Yes, it is a drum circle we were discussing about starting at our Sungai Long Buddhist Society today. So, should we fork out a sum to buy the necessary musical instruments? Maybe we should start a movement of sounds with our plastic material arty-fication creations to gauge how members of the community feels about the idea.

So, if you think you would like to join us for this no inhibitions, noisy team building fiasco, start creating your own musical instrument and write or call to find out when we will start this sound movement at a park in the neighbourhood of Sungai Long.

Yes, my children are all ready to stomp with you with...

...her flower drum dress

her colourful shaker

his shaker

Her maracas

His maracas


Tin pan drum

Wooden clappers

and Cymbals

Check out this list of musical instrument around the world if you need more ideas of what other musical instrument you can create.

For young people who find it difficult to socialize, drumming is a good way for you to let out the stress of meeting someone new and it will be very easy for you to discover the right mate. Just follow the one who keeps beating to your rhythm.

You can create music, but think you are not talented enough? Then the drumming circle is the best place for you to explore your inclination and build up your self esteem. You may soon realised that you do have the skills in this field when the novices start drumming to your beat.

Bring the real thing if you think recycled musical wares are not your style.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Nancy, this is so interesting!

Nancy Poh said...

Spread your message around.