Thursday, August 2, 2018

Repaired a Bag with Discards

I like multi-functional bags and this is one I received as a gift.  

I have been using pouches since my handbag was snatched in 2005, so I like it that I can use it as a regular bag with its strap attached or as a pouch after taking the flaps out from its back pocket.  

I can no longer use it as a pouch, ever since the clasps attached to the flaps were damaged.

So, I decided to repair it after figuring out what discards I can use to fix it. 

Can you guess what discard this is?  I used it to wave in the belt and give the bag support since the flaps can no longer be used.


It is a cut out from a shampoo bottle!

So, the material I needed to repair it was a shampoo bottle and a long woven belt which makes adjusting the length to hang the pouch on the hip easy.

When measurements are required in my craft work, I usually use paper with grids on it as a guide.  So, the other discard I used was a page from my children's exercise book for writing in Mandarin. 

I folded the sides of the paper up so that it fits the size I need to make backing for my bag.  This is the template for the bag.

I folded the template in half and half again. 

Then I opened it up to mark as shown, areas to cut out for inserting the belt.  The dotted lines on the templates represent the folds I made.  In doing that I am able to centralize the cut outs for the belt.

I placed the template on shampoo bottle once I have cut open one of its sides.  Marked it accordingly with a sharp pen. I decided to cut the width wider than the woven belt I am using so that a broader width belt can also be inserted.   

This is how the backing should look like after the belt has been inserted.

I cut curved edges off the corners of the plastic sheet to prevent the sharp edges from damaging the fabric.

As the plastic backing is wider than the openings of the pocket, I had to fold the plastic in half before I can insert it.

Remember to position the clasp of the belt in the right direction so that you can buckle it.

As you can see, the bag does not slouch over with the plastic backing inserted.

I like the pouch even better now as I can use it without the flap or belt showing.

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