Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blue Lantern Free Tutorial

I felt very bad because some of the children have brought the blue packaging board for packing fruits but I did not have time to teach them how to create lanterns with them.

So, here is the pictorial tutorial for an easier to create design.

You will need:

1) 1 piece blue packaging for packing fruits
2) Scissors
3) Stapler
4) A piece of raffia string or 2 plastic strips cut off plastic bag
5) A stick to hold lantern
6) 1 egg carton

Do not cut the packaging in half. Look at the circled indentations and find the centre point to cut through width wise. After cutting through, you will see that one of the sides will be longer than the other.

From the edge, cut out to follow the shape of the indentations as shown.

You can cut the shape rounded or pointed but be consistent.

Do the same for the other piece.

Place the packaging, smooth sides facing upwards, one indented edge overlapping the other.

Staple the sides together.

Pull the other ends together to form a circle, one indented side overlapping the other in the similar fashion as instructed above and staple them together.

Cut a strip of egg carton long enough to form the base of the lantern. Place it to sit across the base and staple the edge of the egg carton to the edge of the packaging where both sides touched.

To form the candle holder, cut out a strip from the egg carton and cut in half again to form 2 strips with 3 cups protrusions. Cut a slit in the 2nd protrusion of both the strips. Push the base of the candle into the slit to ensure that it will sit tight into these slits.

Overlap the strips to form a cross.

Staple to hold both strips in place at both sides where one cup sits on the other.

This is how it should look with the candle pushed into the slit.

Place it to sit across the base, cup on cup, before lighting candle.

Cut a slit in the centre of the packaging large enough to push a raffia string in to tie up. The string should be long enough to form a handle for the lantern. If plastic bag strips are used, see pictures below on how to string it in.

Do the same for the other side then tie both ends of the plastic strips together to form a loop. Ensure that there is a balance when the lantern is held up.

In this design the slits are cut right in the front facing centre.

Be creative. You can cut holes at the top where the protrusions are on both sides, to form eyes. Cut out slits in the centre protrusion at the bottom to form teeth.

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