Friday, September 14, 2007

Stick to your budget? OK, no problem.

Members of the Art and Craft Society in UTAR would like to learn how to make their own handcrafted jewellery. The pliers and the beading materials they would need to buy are way beyond their budget. So, how can I help them?

Let's see if I can teach them to hand weave with this improvised gadget.

So, do they need to buy some stringing material? Not if they can still remember how to cut out some strips out of plastic bags.

Will this be easy for them to pick up? Just check out the instructions posted on the following websites:

How to Make a Corker from All Free Crafts

Lost art of Knitting Nancy

Keep adding another strip of plastic at the end of each woven strip...

... till you get the length you want either for a bracelet or a necklace.

Once you are good at that, you can try weaving with smaller loops.

Here is another spool knitting technique posted on CraftyPod. Ready to work with bead? See for yourself. Now try doing that with wire.

What else can they create with this spool weaving technique? Find out in my next posting.


SisterDG said...

This is just about the coolest knitting spool EVER. Awesome job!!

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you, Diane. I am glad you like what I did with the spool knitting technique you have posted on craftypod. I love your work.

endahl said...

Wonderful recycled craft. You have great ideas!


Nancy Poh said...

Thanks, Cindy. It should be easier for you to hand weave your VCR tapes with this improvised tool than to crochet.

In order to weave a wider loop to make bag, you can use cardboard from boxes.