Friday, September 14, 2007

A woven romantic night.

Want to take your love one for a romantic night out but can't afford it at the moment? Bring your sweetheart home for a home cook candle light dinner then. But before you switch off the lights, make sure that you have a lamp ready.

Like to make your own? Go to your fruit suppliers at the market and ask them nicely for a box and at least 2 plastic bags in different colours.

Can't get hold of these big plastic bags? Newspapers work just as well.

Want a clearer view?

Be adventuress. Play with colours.

What are you supposed to do with the box you have collected?

Cut out its bottom and create the weaving tool. The lamp picture posted here was created with the smaller weaving kit.

Oops! Burnt the dishes? Cover up the taste with this love token.

Weaving techniques and what you can use to make small weaving tools can be read off the following link:

Stick to your budget? OK, no problem.

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